Wonda Kopi Tarik Makes History: The Longest Kopi Tarik Line in Malaysia!


Wonda Kopi Tarik, the original Malaysian taste leading brand for coffee in a can has successfully made its mark in the Malaysia Book of Records for the ‘Longest Kopi Tarik Line’ measuring 344 meters during the 2023 edition of Keretapi Sarong (KS2023) in conjunction with Malaysia Day.

Partnering with Locco Malaysia, an organisation known for promoting Malaysia’s cultural mosaic through the annual Keretapi Sarong event since 2017, Wonda wants to celebrate the multicultural and multi-ethnicities that are originally Malaysian.

As a brand that champions staying true to its promise of delivering Malaysian original taste,
especially with the recent relaunch of Kopi Tarik, this partnership is part of Wonda’s initiative to unite Malaysians from all walks of life in celebrating our true and shared culture, history and traditions together.

In conjunction with Malaysia Day, Wonda Kopi Tarik aims to connect Malaysia through the shared love for Malaysia’s original taste through Wonda Kopi Tarik. The campaign with Keretapi Sarong also marks the brand’s initiative to thank Malaysians for their unwavering support in making Wonda Kopi Tarik their favourite choice of Kopi Tarik in a can.

During this year’s celebration of Malaysia Day, Wonda and Locco Malaysia connected enthusiastic Malaysians at KS2023 to take part in an activity that has never been attempted before while highlighting the brand’s best-selling product, Wonda Kopi Tarik. 

Etika’s Vice President of Marketing, Amy Gan said, “Wonda Coffee has always been committed to celebrating our multicultural and multi ethnicities that are originally Malaysian, just like Wonda Kopi Tarik, a truly Malaysian original taste. This time around, Wonda Kopi Tarik connects us through our shared love for the original Malaysian taste, just like the sarong, an original and uniquely Malaysian garment worn by all races. So, when the opportunity to partner with Locco Malaysia as the official sponsor for Keretapi Sarong came around, we were truly excited to join a movement that embodies the strong multicultural heritage Malaysia is originally known for. “We are thrilled to be part of Malaysia’s celebration of unity and diversity. Our Malaysia Day Blend is a testament to the beauty of coming together and enjoying something as simple and comforting as a cup of local taste coffee, Wonda Kopi Tarik. We hope that our customers will savour this special blend as they celebrate this important day in our nation’s history.”

Amy added, “This is our way of showing appreciation and saying thank you for making us the nation’s most loved and original Kopi Tarik in a can.” 

During KS2023, Malaysians from all walks of life not only had the opportunity to participate in the Longest Kopi Tarik Line but also take part in an array of activities specially brought by Wonda Kopi Tarik to celebrate the historic day together with fellow Malaysians.

On the day of the event, Wonda Kopi Tarik also organised a mixture of traditional and modern
activities for Malaysians from the start of the event. These activities include:

1. In-train activity: Batu Seremban games at the seven train stations chosen as venues for departure where guests are able to play while on their way to Dataran Merdeka, allowing them to relive their childhood memories.

2. Train Platform Activity: Ikat Sarong and Tengkolok Workshop to teach participants methods
of doing the traditional ikat sarong bunga tanjung and tengkolok folding to complete their look for the final celebration at Dataran Merdeka brought to you especially by Wonda Kopi Tarik.

3. On-stage performance by Malaysia’s Godfather of Stand Up Comedy, Harith Iskandar

4. On-ground activity: Wall climbing activity at Dataran Merdeka where Wonda Kopi Tarik invited Malaysians of all ages to challenge themselves to the top of the wall climbing tower and be rewarded with a Coffee Stain Portrait drawn by dedicated artists on site

5. On-ground activity: Wonda Coffee Roving Truck where visitors were able to redeem complimentary Wonda Coffee when they snap a photo of themselves at the roving truck. 

With the partnership between Wonda Kopi Tarik and Locco Malaysia proving to be a success this year, both parties hope this will be the start of a long and fruitful collaboration that will continue bringing a twist to a meaningful celebration in the years to come.

Source: Wonda Coffee

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