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It is difficult to say one’s final goodbyes. Animal lovers on social media were moved to tears when Vicky Ang and Adrian Lee documented their heartbreaking farewell to their ailing pet, Goldens Lee, who was diagnosed with bone cancer in November of last year. Many netizens followed his final days in painstaking detail, documenting them with images and videos posted on Adrian’s Facebook .

They made it their mission to ensure that their golden retriever, Golden, who was 13 years old, had the very best time possible up to the moment he passed away. They took Golden out for one final stroll in the park, despite the fact that he was already in a semi-conscious state, because going for walks was one of his favourite things to do. Sadly, Golden Lee passed away two days later, on the 6th February 2023.

One of their posts that reduced most of us to tears is reproduced below.

Dear My Son Golden Lee,

I know your time on earth is coming to the end very soon and I’m picking up my courage to pen down our story today as your mama will not have the strength to do so when you’re gone.

I fell in love with you the first time I saw you at a friend’s house 9 years ago.You greeted me with your beautiful big eyes and smile. You got me hooked instantly and I know I must have you in my life. So me and your daddy has adopted you into our family since and we were inseparable until now.

Walking down the memory lane of us together is nothing short but sweet. At one time you went missing from our old home. Both me and daddy were bawling our eyes searching for you up and down the neighbourhood. When we failed to find you, I just prayed to god and asked him to help us to connect through our heart. Miraculously you heard us well and we found you in one of neighbour’s house!

There were also time when our business were not doing well and we struggled to feed you properly. It was so bad until to the point where your grandma was trying to push us to give you away. It has never crossed our mind to do so because we can afford to lose the business but not you! We were glad we survived the financial crisis and you most importantly we made the right decision to keep you beside us.

Before me moved to our current own place, we were forced to put you outside the house as grandma didn’t like dog staying inside the house. You have never complained and patiently endured the 5 years when both of us were actually bleeding from our heart. Once we have moved, you were living like a KING with free access to every inch of the house inclusive of our BED!

Thank you for giving us happiness through the years that money cannot buy. Even though we can’t give you the best of everything but we were glad to be able to spend our precious quality time with you. When you cross the rainbow bridge dear son, please don’t look back and wait patiently for us at the gate of heaven when we will reunite someday and continue our journey together.

I will always love you my cheeky

Golden Lee

Your mama Vicky Ang

Image credit: Adrian Lee FB

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