Malaysians can now connect with their Loved Ones via Buz App


In recent times, Malaysians have embraced a new way to connect with their closest friends and family—introducing the Buz App. This application has swiftly climbed the ranks, securing the fourth position on the AppStore’s overall list and claiming the top spot in the social category, sparking widespread interest in a short span.

A quick search for “Buz” on TikTok reveals a flood of videos where users enthusiastically share their delightful voice communication experiences on the platform. These individuals, captivated by the pleasant and unforgettable interactions facilitated by Buz, ardently recommend the app to fellow netizens. This trend of sharing and discussions is rapidly gaining momentum.

Upon visiting the App Store, one can observe that Buz boasts a nearly perfect rating, with the reviews section brimming with feedback from users worldwide. A head chef from overseas shared her preference for Buz over traditional texting or calling, citing the ability to hear her children’s voices even during her busy work hours. Another thrilled young mother, also from the Selangor, exclaimed, “It is a great app for my son with Autism to send me audio messages.”

As described on the App Store, Buz is a simple yet powerful voice communication tool that enables users to effortlessly connect with family and friends, even when their phones are locked. Users can conveniently listen to voice messages anytime and anywhere.

A year ago, Buz made its mark in the European and American markets, garnering praise from numerous users. Now, it has made its way to Malaysia, offering a fresh alternative to popular platforms like WhatsApp. “Communicating with Buz” has become a new buzzword for connecting with those closest to us.

Behind the scenes, the force driving Buz is Vocal Beats, a Singapore-based company that recently entered the Malaysian market this year. They’ve established a global Research and Development (R&D) and operations center in Kuala Lumpur, expanding their reach to Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

Charles, the head of Vocal Beats in Malaysia, shared an update on their situation, stating, “We are expanding our team in Malaysia and are thrilled to have many talented local individuals applying to join us.”

Vocal Beats’ entry into the Malaysian market is backed by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), an agency under the Ministry of Communications and Digital, which has been leading the digital transformation and innovation of the Malaysian economy since 1996. The introduction of Vocal Beats and the success of its Buz product are considered a new example of local technological innovation in Malaysia.

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